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Eligible females diminishing; School in crisis. During recent years, the percentage of lesbian, bisexual, and ‘bicurious’ females in the average high school has exploded throughout schools all over the US. This recent change has been pinpointed to the start of the 21st century, and has risen dramatically every passing year. In recent years however, the rate has nearly quadrupled. In 1993 the average percentage of lesbians in a high school was 3%, and is now nearly 97.36%. The impending future, if this situation is left unchecked, is catastrophic. But we needn’t even look that far ahead; this epidemic is already having massive consequences, namely, the physical and mental harm caused to young men across the country as a result of the absence of sexual interactions with young women. “The injuries I have sustained due to the lack of eligible, heterosexual girls are unbearable, and the various ointments and aloes for my affected areas are putting a huge fiscal strain on my household. It’s destroying my family. If the current situation gets any worse I don’t know what I’ll do,” said one student of Onteora High School.


A failing air-conditioner likely means you’ll be uncomfortable all season long, Gordontheplumber.com Villa Park Illinois 60181 as well as indicating you’re not keeping up with maintenance. As intense as the heat can be in Summer when your home isn’t operating at optimal levels of efficiency, the cold will be just as brutal in Winter. Anytime the thermal regulation seems highly unregulated, despite your constant adjustments to the controls, it’s time to take a look under the hood. If you plan on selling your home anytime soon and it hasn’t been properly maintained, potential buyers aren’t going to be interested, until you rectify the situation or unless you lower your home’s selling price and that can take a big bite out of profits. Every home is more valuable (in more ways than one) when it provides thermal stability. 10. You Have Peace Of Mind When Your HVAC Is Running Right It’s hard to fall asleep at night if you’re worried about something in your home suddenly going kaput in the house, leaving you with a whopping HVAC repair bill. You’ll sleep better, with peace of mind, when you have everything about temperature control under control. Symptoms Your System May Not Be Working Efficiently If you can’t remember the last time your home’s inner workings were checked or suspect a problem already exists, there will be tell-tale symptoms and you should pay attention to them immediately: If the floor around your furnace is littered with soot and similar debris, there’s droplets of water pooling underneath and an odd smell permeates the area around your furnace, something is probably wrong. Cracks and rust anywhere on your boiler are a bad sign, especially to the extent that a leak has sprung, even a small one.


Long gone are printed porcelain tiles with floral and fruit motifs. Today’s tile takes floral to a new level with dimensional shapes that make the wildflower pattern pop. Speaking of flowers, check out these eight succulents that make pretty garden groundcovers . Complete DIY projects like a pro! Sign up for our newsletter! Who says backsplash ideas have to be expensive? This DIY mosaic is made of dyed mason jars, smashed and rearranged into a one-of-a-kind treasure. If glass tile is your thing, check out this beautiful glass-tiled vanity top and learn how to make your own. A single-color backsplash can be boring, but in this kitchen, it is anything but. By using monochromatic subway tile in a pretty blue with an intricate mosaic inlay, this kitchen backsplash idea went from drab to fab in a cinch.


Over time, as a result of constant heating and reheating, this sediment hardens and when it comes in contact with the heating element, it makes the loud noise. Having this hardened sediment in your heater will cause it to be a lot less efficient, because more gas or electricity will be needed to heat the water. Its possible to drain this sediment by performing regular maintenance, but if there comes a point when the sediment can no longer be drained, its time to replace the unit. Keep in mind that if the water in location is hard, or poor quality, it will increase the rate at which the sediment builds up inside the tank, and will thus shorten its service life. Due to the natural wear and tear process, the tank itself (most are made of steel) will start to corrode and rust. If you see rust on the walls of the tank itself, this process is irreversible and cannot be fixed. It will not be long, until the tank will start to leak . In this situation, its best not wait for the leaks to come and replace the old unit. A hot water heater’s life can be prolonged if regular maintenance is performed, such as yearly flushing. However, if you have not been doing this for many years, (or you bought a house and you have no idea whether the device has received appropriate maintenance), you can expect the heater to develop problems and fail even before its expected end of service life. If you have a large/busy household that uses a lot of water, your hot water heater will experience a lot more wear and tear than a heater that services a 1-2 person household.


Check the temperature on the thermostat, and lower it if its too high. Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends that the temperature should be set at 120 °F (49 °C), which is found to provide an ideal balance between safety and comfort. 2. Make sure that the thermostat fits tight against the tank 3.Check that the thermostat is actually working. If its not, it needs to be replaced. 4. Another reason for a leak in this spot is that the valve itself may be defective and will need to be replaced. Before replacing the valve, you will need to drain your tank. You may discover that the source of the leak in your heater is at the connection of either the cold water inlet pipe or the hot water outlet pipe and the heater itself. If the leak is minor, the first thing to do is simply tighten the connection with a pipe wrench.


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